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Model 5 "Bioenergy agricultural production"

The model is similar to the previous one and is a consequence of its self-development due to the systematic increase of organic fertilizers doses, accumulation of bionitrogen and irrigation use, which allows to use the territory’s agropotential in full and provides systematic increase in the productivity of crop rotation to 50-60 and more fodder units per hectare and the animal density to 1.5 conventional heads per hectare.

FEATURES of model 5 " Bioenergy agricultural production"

  • Production system of high complexity with animal husbandry and irrigation.
  • Increase in crop production allows to increase the livestock to 1.5 conventional heads / ha with the accumulation of 560 tons of animal waste.
  • Gas generation accounts for 2000 m3/ha of methane, biodiesel yield - 350 l/ha, finished animal products - 660 kg/ha; estimation for the total area is $93 million.
  • Applying of biohumus - 3.6 t/ha (14.4 t/ha of manure) - provides a steady increase in the productivity of crop rotation with minor fluctuations from year to year due to irrigation.
  • Biological resources are used to the maximum extent.
This agroecosystem can be considered as self-developing.

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