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Model 4 "Food"

In the presence of the livestock, 1 conventional head is supplied with 1 ton of feed grain, meal and bone powder, 3.3 tons of silage, 1 ton of hay and 6.5 tons of forage, which allows to yield 400 kg/ha of finished meat and dairy products. Additionally, the system includes a feed mill, the entire infrastructure of livestock, as well as modules for processing milk and meat.

Features of model 4 "Food"
  • An infrastructure of a high level complexity with the livestock sector.
  • The power biogas stations for 350 thousand tons of waste per year with the production (1.3 thousand m3/ha methane, 200 l/ha of biodiesel and 400 kg/ha finished animal products) worth $64 million (in terms of 20 thousand hectares).
  • Accumulation of biohumus - 2.8 t/ha (11 t/ha of manure), which ensures an enhanced reproduction of soil fertility.
  • Wider use of biological factors: biohumus, bionitrogen, crop rotation, recycling, bio-decontamination of waste.
  • As the model deployment progresses, capital investments quickly pay off by means of minimization of use of industrial fuels and agrochemicals.
This model features energy independence of the agroecosystem, minimal need for external resources (mostly technical means), production of large amounts of food, transition to bio-organic farming systems.

Crop capacity and crop rotation productivity depend on agrometeorological factors.
Even ensuring the optimal parameters of soil fertility there is a problem of large variations in crop yields from year to year due to the specific agrometeorological conditions. The amplitude of these oscillations is closely related to the level of land moisture.
Therefore, stable high productivity is largely dependent on the rational use of meliorated lands.

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