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The model stipulates cultivation and processing of 40 thousand tons of energy raw materials to liquid biological fuel. This approach additionally requires a grain elevator, equipment for biodiesel production, gas-generating station for processing of the wastes, the infrastructure for the use of biogas and facilities for biohumus storage.

Features of model 2 "BIODIESEL"
  • The structure of production is getting more complicated, meal and straw remain after biodiesel production.
  • In the absence of livestock their processing into biogas and biohumus is more profitable ($22 million) in comparison with the selling of meal together with vegetable oil ($18 million, and considering the cost of alienated NPK - $15 million).
  • The accumulation of 1.7 t/ha of biohumus (7 tons/ha of manure), with 100% recycling of macro- and microelements ensures the reproduction of soil fertility without any additional costs.
  • The model is acceptable for adoption, but can also be considered as an interim solution in the intersectoral optimization.
A high level of power generation is achieved, but food production is absent.

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