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Model 3 "Biogas"

Priority of the agroecosystem is the production of methane - 3 thousand m3/ha. It involves cultivation of energy crops in rotation with food grains, corn and perennial grasses. Rape and grains are processed respectively in biodiesel and foodstuffs, and the waste along with the corn biomass and herbs are used for gas generation. In this case additional equipment is required for processing of grain and silage facilities for biomass.
Features of model 3 "Biogas"
  • Adoption of crop rotation with optimal predecessors: energy crops, food grains, green mass of corn and perennial grasses in the biogas.
  • Infrastructure is more complicated, equipment for vegetable food production and facility for silage of corn and grass are additionally required.
  • The value obtained from 20 thousand hectares (methane 3 thousand m3/ha, 200 l/ha of biodiesel and 500 kg/ha of food) is $18 million.
  • Carry-over of biohumus increases to 2.2 tons/ha, what, considering availability of perennial grasses in the crop rotation and a high level of NPK recycling (90%), provides an enhanced reproduction of soil fertility.
  • A more complete use of biological factors: crop rotation, biohumus, bionitrogen, decontamination of the biomass.
  • This scenario is acceptable in the absence of livestock and high demand on methane, or as a step in the process of improving the sectoral structure.
Along with achieving the energy independence of the system, production is limited to food crop production.

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